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Following strict HSE guidelines and legislation, and through implementation of industry best practice, MOD Environmental can offer a “fully managed” service for all your asbestos abatement requirements. Using our knowledge of the industry, and previous consultancy experience, we are able to complete a range of asbestos removal or encapsulation projects.

Our promise is a high standard of site work, completed discreetly and to your requirements.

Waste Management


Either by transportation using our Waste Carriers License, or using our strategic partners, MOD Environmental can collect and dispose of your asbestos waste in accordance with current legislation.

Climbing a Ladder


Whether conforming to Regulation 4 of CAR2012, the Duty to Manage, or satisfying CDM2015 prior to Refurbishment or Demolition, MOD Environmental can advise and undertake Asbestos Management or Refurbishment / Demolition surveys through our strategic partners.

Asbestos bulk sampling and analysis are also a service we offer, with emergency and reactive responses and turnaround where required.

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MOD Environmental site teams are trained in the process of removing all non-structural elements inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling works.

We can offer soft strip works which can either be undertaken alongside a General Demolition contractor, as a standalone project or as part of a package of overall works for a property.

Our teams have a robust technical expertise and experience in Soft-Strip of buildings working on projects of all values from small complex projects to large and extensive projects on high rise properties.

MOD Environmental - Industrial & Pigeon.


From building damage to serious health risks, pigeon guano can be more than just an inconvenience if left unchecked.

Being very acidic, pigeon guano can lead to the corrosion of the surfaces it’s left on.

Pigeon droppings can also get into, then clog, ventilation systems and air ducting which can result in expensive repairs. Bad odours and contaminants can also be spread quickly around the building through the ventilation system, which can pose a significant health risk to the public and your staff from inhaling health hazards associated with bird guano.

Our specialist operatives are fully trained in the removal of pigeon guano and the cleaning and sanitation of contaminated areas. Our safe and efficient guano cleaning and disinfection service will help to protect you from the health hazards that these environments can present.



All personnel likely to come in to contact with asbestos, or whose work could foreseeably disturb the fabric of a building and expose them, or others, to asbestos must undergo Asbestos Awareness training, as do those who supervise or influence work.

Depending on whether you knowingly or unknowingly have a potential to disturb, or even work on asbestos, appropriate non-licensed or licensed courses and refresher training is required.

Through our strategic partners MOD Environmental can arrange UKATA approved training to suit your needs.

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